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Rent a Motorhome and start your motorhome vacation at Europe

Why rent a Motorhome ?

There are several factors to consider when deciding between renting a campervan and a motorhome. Here are a few reasons why someone might choose to rent a campervan:

Maneuverability: Campervans are generally more compact than motorhomes, making them easier to drive and park in tight spaces. This can be especially useful when exploring narrow roads, city streets, or camping in smaller campsites.

Fuel Efficiency: Campervans typically have better fuel efficiency compared to larger motorhomes. This can result in overall cost savings on fuel during your trip.

Budget: Renting a campervan is often more budget-friendly than renting a motorhome due to their smaller size and lower rental costs. This can free up some funds for other travel expenses or activities.

Versatility: Campervans provide a versatile and flexible camping experience. They are well-suited for those who prefer a minimalist camping experience with essential amenities like sleeping space, basic kitchen facilities, and storage.

Accessibility: Campervans tend to be more accessible for those new to RVing or unfamiliar with driving larger motorhomes. They are a great option for individuals or couples who want to venture out on their own and explore at their own pace.

Ultimately, the choice between a campervan and a motorhome depends on your personal preferences, travel needs, and the type of experience you are looking for. It's always a good idea to assess your requirements and consider the specific features and benefits of each option before making a decision.

DRM Motorhome rental Europe - rent premium motorhome
Three types of our high quality DRM Motorhomes
DRM family-friendly alcove Motorhome in the alps
One of our family-friendly DRM alcove Motorhome in the alps

CamperVan or RV / Motorhome?

The difference between a motorhome and a van lies in the construction and size. A RV/Motorhome has its own living space, which is placed and built on a chassis of a base vehicle. A CamperVan / panel van, on the other hand, is a base vehicle whose body is directly converted into a living space. A panel van, also often called a camper or CamperVan, is therefore usually smaller, more compact, more economical and more agile than a traditional motorhome.

Due to their design, CamperVans are rather something for younger or young-at-heart couples or for couples who want to move away from the big roads and explore culture and cuisine even in the small villages.

Despite their compact appearance, the CamperVans - with the exception of the pop-up roof campers (our category "M" like MiniCamper) - are fully equipped as a motorhome, including a kitchen, refrigerator, toilet, shower, heating, dining area, enough storage space, flyscreen, blackout and much more.

Choose DRM. Fly in. Start holiday!

Fly with an airline of your choice to Germany and start your Motorhome holiday across Europe with a a young, well maintained DRM Motorhome. Uber and Taxi services for transfer between the airport and our rental station are no problem and also payable.

With a DRM Motorhome, almost all of Europe is open to you. Whether to the naturally striking north of Europe (Scandinavia), to the fantastic mountain scenery in the centre of Europe - the Dolomites/Austria - or to the sunny, culinary and culturally strong south, a Motorhome rented from DRM Motorhome Rental will be your best choice for your unforgettable Motorhome holiday across Europe.

DRM Motorhome at the harbour of a southern european city
One of our high quality DRM Motorhome in a southern European old town

Members of national automobile clubs (e.g. AAA, RAC, AA, ACI, ...) can receive a special membership discount on their DRM Motorhome rental if they are requesting a DRM Motorhome directly over this site.


Our range of high quality Motorhomes

Ideal for families and comfort spoiled couples: In our motorhome fleet we have a large selection of premium motorhomes from "TRIGANO" - Europe's leading motorhome manufacturer.
Whether partially integrated motorhomes with and without RoofSleeper for the comfort spoiled couple with and without children; family-friendly alcove motorhomes for families and luxurious fully integrated motorhomes for higher demands on living comfort and mobility.
All these motorhomes have a double floor and are therefore also suitable for year-round and winter use.
All our motorhomes are not older than 2 years, are well maintained and have fuel-efficient, clean engines.

Rent a DRM Motorhome categorie KK4
DRM Motorhome Category K ("Komfort")

Rent a DRM Cabover Alcove Motorhome
DRM Motorhome Category F ("Family")

Rent a DRM Luxury Motorhome Liner
DRM Motorhome Category L ("Luxury")

Enjoy your vacation trip with DRM - carefree Motorhome vacations have a reason: DRM - since 1994!


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