Safety is very important to us, so we have compiled the most important information about your vacation here for you.

Before each journey

  • Make sure that all roof hatches, windows and doors are closed.

  • Entry step and crank supports must be retracted and firmly anchored.

  • Gas appliances must be turned off.

  • In many European countries, gas cylinders must also be locked.

  • All loose objects in the living area should be securely stowed. These can be dangerous projectiles in the event of strong braking. Cabinet doors and refrigerator doors should also be tightly closed to prevent items from falling out while driving.

The vehicles at DRM

  • Appropriate BICYCLE RACKS are available for all vehicles. Please inquire about the respective load capacity before starting your journey

  • When refueling, but at least every 1000 kilometers, the OIL LEVEL should be checked. If necessary, please use oil for diesel engines 5 W 30 (for VW California, pay attention to VW standard VW 507 00).

  • Please check regularly the TIRES PRESSURE (all data are accordingly for cold tires).

  • Group M1 / M2 / M3S (VW California): 3,3 bar front and rear

  • Group V0 to V5S: 5,0 bar front and 5,5 bar rear

  • Group F1 to F5 and L1/L2S: 5.5 bar front and rear

    You will find the respective information, especially for your rental vehicle, also on the bar near the driver's door.

  • Please note the DRIVE-THROUGH HEIGHT! Please add approx. 20 - 30 cm safety distance to each total height. You will find the vehicle height on the rental contract and on a sticker on the windshield. DAMAGES CAUSED BY NOT OBSERVING CLEARANCE HEIGHTS ARE CONSIDERED GROSSLY NEGLIGENT AND WILL NOT BE PAID BY THE INSURANCE. THEY ARE AT YOUR EXPENSE!

  • Please also pay attention to the DRIVEWAY WIDTH!

    In highway construction sites, for example, the vehicle width in the left lane is usually limited to 2.00 meters and therefore closed to all our vehicles.

  •  The AWNING is located on the right-hand side in the direction of travel. Therefore, please also pay attention to the vehicle width. When using the awning, please make sure that the stands are well anchored. The awning is extremely sensitive to wind and rain and can cause severe damage to the motorhome. THE AWNING MUST THEREFORE BE RETRACTED EVEN IN LIGHT WIND AND RAIN, AS WELL AS OVERNIGHT AND WHEN YOU LEAVE THE VEHICLE. Please do not close the awning when it is wet and clean it of objects such as leaves and branches before retracting it. If you do need to turn the awning in while wet, please try to let it dry at the earliest opportunity.

  •  It is a good idea to empty the GREY WATER TANK AND TOILET at every available opportunity. This is the best way to prevent odor buildup. Before driving further distances, you should fill the fresh water tank to a maximum of 1/3. This saves weight and thus fuel.




Almost all European countries charge tolls. These vary greatly and are levied in many different ways. Therefore, please inform yourself in detail about the current regulations before crossing the border into the respective country.

In case of accidents at home and abroad

  • Above all, keep calm! Secure the scene of the accident!

  •  Stop - switch on the hazard warning lights - set up the warning triangle (distance 50 - 150 paces) - Pay attention to your own safety! Please put on the high-visibility vest! 

  • Give first aid - Treat injured persons 

  • Call rescue service/police or have them called (in case of injured persons, high property damage, hit-and-run accidents or in case of opponents without proof of insurance) 

  • Secure your own evidence! 

  • Take down witnesses' addresses, photograph the scene of the accident 

  • Create accident report
    Draw up accident report with parties involved and have it signed by the opponent, but do not sign an admission of guilt. Use the enclosed German or English accident report. Incomplete accident reports cannot be processed or submitted to insurance companies. 

  • Behavior towards the police
    Information about the person and the vehicle are mandatory. If there is any doubt about the course of the accident, do not give any further information! Only accept police warning money in the case of clear self-infliction. The police are not obliged to record "minor accidents" (up to approx. € 2.000,- material damage per vehicle). Make a note of the name and office of the police officer.

In case of technical problems

In the vehicle folder you will find user manuals for the control panel and from all other manufacturers of technical equipment. Please read them thoroughly, if necessary, so you can certainly avoid some problems with the operation. In case of minor defects up to € 150 such as defective battery, new wiper blades or similar, you can have them repaired or replaced without consultation and we will refund the amount against the original invoice.

In case of technical problems please contact the respective emergency number of the vehicle manufacturer, the DRM – Road Assistance or one of our stations, they will be glad to help you. In case of problems in the bodywork area, please contact one of our stations. Please report defects, which cannot be finally eliminated on the way, in advance at the station, workshop visits can be better planned and necessary spare parts can be procured.


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